Our Work

The High AIMS Collaborative work is improving the skills of adults: administrators, principals and teachers who work in the educational system. K-12.

In collaboration with business partners and universities, High AIMS provides high quality professional development in the areas of Mathematics, Science and Integrated Technology so that classroom instruction and assessment emulates real world work environments.

Collaborative learning, professional dialogue, networking, inquiry-based learning and assessment and problem-based learning and assessment are integral to High AIMS.

Adults within the business world demonstrate collaborative problem solving everyday in the work environment. Students would be better prepared for the world of work if their learning was collaborative, and if they solved real-world problems.

Too often, classroom instruction and assessment is traditional and does not prepare students for the world they face post graduation. In order deploy a widespread cultural change in instructional practice, the adults within the system must receive real world experience and training so that they are both skilled and confident using effective instructional strategies, an end to which business partnerships would be invaluable.


Steps originated from the GYM process. Steps are listed in order of priority.

  1. Create and establish the High AIMS brand (High AIMS as a metaphor, not an acronym) and communicate and engage staff, teachers, community, political stakeholders in the vision and the work
  2. Technology: Hybrid courses to create more choice and opportunities
  3. Implement PBL in all classrooms and share lessons within the consortium
  4. Everyone owns the work through their commitment to collaborate and contribute to the consortium