Our Story

High AIMS was established in 1998 by a group of six public school districts in the Cincinnati metropolitan area that were committed to leveraging their resources to impact student achievement across the boundaries of community. Over the years, the consortium has grown to include a diverse group of 25 southwestern Ohio public school districts located in Butler, Hamilton, Warren, and Montgomery counties. Each has embraced the High AIMS Vision of  “creating a network of leaders who inspire students and one another to be engaged, high performing learners.”

With the Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) administered in 1995 revealing an alarming crisis in math and science education in the United States, High AIMS adopted the charge of the TIMSS report and pledged to focus its efforts in the area of math and science instruction. From 2003-2008, High AIMS was a partner in a Math/Science Partnership through a National Science Foundation grant with Michigan State University as the lead institution. In 2009, High AIMS expanded its focus to include 21st century skill development in all core academic subjects, with emphasis on problem-based and blended learning experiences.  In 2013, the consortium responded again to its forward thinking membership by incorporating leadership development for both teachers and administrators as an essential component of providing a 21st century education for its 96,000+ students. Today, High AIMS is a highly regarded provider of quality, job-embedded professional development for teachers, principals, district administrators, and superintendents.